Why You Would Need To Cut Holes In Precast Concrete Slabs And How To Do It

When it comes to building a home you can save a lot of money by buying a lot of the materials and structures pre-fabricated or precast. These parts will be made in a factory to exacting specifications and then delivered to your building site ready to use. The advantage is that in a factory location the workers can use computer operated saws and pneumatic tools to work far faster and more accurately than on a building site.

Once The Precast Concrete Slabs Arrive You’ll Need To Cut The Holes

For the most part the precast concrete slabs will be made to order, however, there will be some holes that need to be cut on location. There are special saws that are specifically designed for cutting holes in precast concrete panels. They’ll have special diamond cutting blades and most likely some kind of water or concrete cutting liquid to make the job go faster.

This is one of those times where it’s important to measure twice and only cut once since after you make the cut it will be hard to patch up perfectly. Luckily, most of the contractors that work with cutting concrete slabs will know exactly what they’re doing and they’ll make the work look easy. They have the holes drilled for the plumbing, electrical, bolts and other users in no time. The special tools that they use are expensive but they work fairly quickly and don’t make a lot of dust or residue that you have to worry about breathing.

After the utilities have been run and the slabs are ready to be patched, usually, the slab company will return and do the patching. They do this so they can use the exact type of concrete and have it match both strength and color as the original. This way there is very little chance of failure the holes will be nearly invisible when all is done. They’ll use a special high bonding mortar that seals against the elements so no pests, water or other problems will enter in the future.

If you’re having sections of your home prefabricated in a factory you can save a lot of money and get very high quality at the same time. You should consider having the prefabricated and patching work done by the same company to ensure proper continuance of the quality just like the original that you’re working with.